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Карту zm arcade gas station: 8 и 9 серию игра престолов 4 сезон

While on a scouting mission around mars your ship malfunctioned and is rapidly losing fuel, you come across what seems to be an abandoned. Are you going to make a FIN version of the Shell Gas Station? I think from the main layout it comes close to Arcade-Action. Last edited. Aug 2, 2009 Note: V1 is the latest version, whitelisted. This is the final and last verion of this maps. The map is a gas station with a basketballcord,a carwash. ZM ArcadeV2. Hey guys kinda tired so no pics to lazy to make one but its finally here thank god enjoy. Features: pregame messege endgame.

Jun 25, 2014 An awesome city block containing a gas station, car wash, and basketball court.

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