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Карта awp lego 2 p1n0: ип ман ip man yip man 2008 1080p bdrip онлайн

A very basic small map with a brilliant Lego design. Players will spawn with . About the map One of the best AWP Lego maps ever created! It is a remake Jun 14, 2014 . Created by DaNbKa Картадел . AWP Lego 2 but with wallbanging and less than 35 health. 1V1 ONLY. . Just my tweaks A simple AWP map with lego textures. It is a remake of the classic “awp_lego_2” map. It is named Fort because of the medieval / castle type theme Jan 17, 2015 Steam Workshop: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Slaughter Them All! Original Author of awp_lego_2 Sasuk (GameBanana) You can.

~>MixEmpire.ru~> DM AWP-LEGO WS HLstatsX 128tick serv.mixempire.ru: 27038 - Counter Strike Global Offensive Members: 2 Accepting Members.

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